Cbd shark pre roll

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Wishlist. Add to Wishlist. Quick View. Pre-Rolled. CBD Shark Shock Pre-Rolled Joints $ 4.20. THC(%): White Shark - Reeforganic White Shark THC 13-18% CBD <1% Dried Flower .

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Cbd shark pre roll

FLOWER. THC 6.07%  54 products CBD. thc potency.

Cbd shark pre roll

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Cbd shark pre roll

That said, the lower than average levels of THC in its genetics  Shark Shock CBD. Purchase online dried marijuana flowers, pre-rolled joints, oil and more at the secure SQDC online platform. The powerful sedative effects of Shark Shock (a White Widow hybrid) are perfectly Balance CBD/ Shark CBD - FLWR (9% THC, 6% CBD) - (Preroll 6 Pack). The Shark Shock strain is the 80/20 Indica dominant cross of the infamous White Widow Doobie prepared with Emerald Family Farms pre-rolled joints!

each. $5. Crafted from a formula that has remained secret, CBD Shark is an Indica-dominant strain with a reputation for delivering a very balanced profile of effects. 29 Mar 2019 Great White Shark is a carefully cultivated 2:1 sativa strain that offers the benefits of both CBD and THC. Enhanced by a unique and earthy  Curio Wellness. OH Intimacy Oil. Pre-Roll. Learn More.

In terms of higher cbd options I see: Solei balance pre-rolls, which is okay for chilling/anxiety. It's relaxing physically and just mildly mentally energizing. Some people like this one but it was my least favorite so far in this category.

Whole Flower: 3.5g Pre-Roll: Single 0.5g, Double 2x0.5g. CBD Shark shock is a hybrid strain that has reasonably mild effects due to its low levels of THC & high levels of CBD | Good for less seasoned users. Read More! 16 Oct 2018 CBD Shark Pre-roll 2-pack from Whistler Cannabis $17.99 from BCCS . I bought these CBD pre-rolls for a friend who wants to try CBD and is  Seeking some CBD on the go? The Whistler CBD Shark Pre-Roll is an all-organic indica with a low-key persona.

Cbd shark pre roll

THC: 16.9% CBD: < 1% White Shark has been bred from Super Skunk x Brazilian x South Indian and Prairie Cannabis (Wiid) – Bleeding Green – Pre-Roll. Shop our latest Cannabis selection online.. FREE SHIPPING on orders $99+ | Shipping available within Saskatchewan! Cold Creek Kush 0.5g Pre-Roll Royal High - Great White Shark. $14.99+ · Royal High. Mazar Great White Shark. $14.99+ · tweed.

Hold your finger over the image {Pre-Roll} CBD Blue Shark [Apelles] National Holistic Healing Center - Washington DC . Hours today: 11 AM - 7:30 PM Pickup Location. 1718 Connecticut Avenue Nort CBD | Herb CBD Collection CBD SharkShock | CBD Crew CBD SharkShock. CBD Shark, Mr.Nice Shark Shock crossed with a CBD rich variety to make a unique CBD plant for the Shark lovers. Short and strong plant.

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Tincture (6) CBD. Blue Shark. Shelby County Community Services. FLOWER.